Campus Breakdown: Central Administration

Proposed 2017 Bond Projects for Central Administration include:

Replacement Facility for Central Administration

  • Build a Replacement Facility to centralize and house all administration due to growth and operational functionality.
  • Central office employees currently are located in eight different buildings throughout the District. Additional space is no longer available and areas designated for professional development and even storage are being re purposed into offices or work spaces. This makes it difficult for departments to effectively and efficiently work together. In addition, the administration complex on Old Decatur is split into five different buildings; three of those are portables.
  • District administrators have always put student environments first, and those areas will be prioritized. Administration can continue to be effective for a number of years. The bond project phasing currently being considered puts the new administration building possibly opening in 2025.

Replace Carpet

  • The current carpet, which is now 16 years old and past its life span, will be replaced at the current building. The current Central Administration building will continue to be occupied for approximately eight more years.


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