Campus Breakdown: Wayside Middle School

The 2017 Bond will fund a replacement campus for Wayside Middle School.

Roof  Repairs:

  • Roof repairs will be made at the current Wayside Middle School building, which will still be open to serve students up to seven or eight more years.


Replacement Campus for Wayside Middle School:

  • The 2017 bond will fund an entirely new Wayside Middle School to replace the existing school to make it equitable to other, newer middle schools in the District.
  • The replacement school could be constructed on the existing site, next to the current one, or could be constructed at a new location within a couple of miles of the current campus. Several considerations such as costs and land availability will factor into that decision. Once the decision is made, that information will be communicated to our parents, staff, and community. Regardless of location, the District intends to maintain Wayside in the Boswell attendance boundary.

Building new vs. renovating:

  • Wayside Middle School is 53 years old and is reaching its useful life cycle, making the cost to renovate almost as expensive to build a brand-new building.
  • The building lacks most of the energy-savings features required in current codes and its major systems including roof, windows, lighting, and mechanical, would need complete replacement to bring up to today‚Äôs standards and extend the life of the facility. In addition, the existing ceiling and plenum spaces are shallow and the building has a disjointed layout from being added onto multiple times. This will prohibit major floor plan reconfiguration without costly structural reinforcement.
  •  The general construction rule-of-thumb is if the cost to renovate is 65 percent or more of the cost to build new, then you build new. In this case, the cost to renovate is approximately 85 percent of the cost to build a brand-new facility.
  • After touring the existing conditions of the school and reviewing the cost analysis, the Bond Steering Committee decided it was in the best financial interest of the District to construct a new middle school instead of renovating the existing one.


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